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Which types of brake shoe material is good

date 2022-06-23

There is no need to say more about the importance of brake shoes. They are the lifeblood of semi trucks & trailers brake system. Do you dare to run on the road without them? The brake shoe is related to the safety of driving. It is used to brake when decelerating at ordinary times. The brake shoe can't have any mistakes. The brake shoes are also very worn parts. When we step on the brake pedal, we all encounter problems such as poor braking, abnormal noise of the brake shoes, and too long braking distance.

semi trucks & trailers brake shoe

The choice of brake shoe material determines the service life of the brake shoe. The common brake shoe materials have the following advantages, and the owner can choose according to his own needs:

1. Ceramic brake shoes have no metal compared with traditional brake shoes. After installing ceramic brake shoes, there will be no abnormal friction sound during normal driving. At the same time, it has good wear and high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, fast heat dissipation and high friction coefficient.

2. Semi metallic friction materials are very used in household vehicles. It is characterized by good heat resistance, high power absorption per unit area and high thermal conductivity.

3. Carbon fiber friction material, because of its high power absorption per unit area and light proportion, is very suitable for the production of aircraft brake shoes. At present, many high-end cars abroad will also use it. This kind of price is very expensive, so the scope of application is limited and the output is small.

Each brand of brake shoe has its own characteristics and functions, mainly depending on what type of car it is used in. Only selecting the appropriate brake shoe can bring better braking effect and reduce traffic accidents.


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