Hangzhou Longway Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Hangzhou, China.

As a professional manufacturer of air brake system components, Hangzhou Longway Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Hangzhou, China, specializing in researching and manufacturing heavy-duty parts for trucks & trailers. Most products are distributed both in domestic and overseas markets, such as America, Europe, Africa, and Korea, etc..

The main products of Longway include trailer axles, manual & automatic slack adjusters, spring brake chambers, S-camshafts & hardware kits, brake shoes & hardware kits, hub caps, brake valves, quick release valves, gladhands, wheel bolts, and different kinds of nuts.

Professional Team

200 skilled and experienced engineers and staff team

Longway will continue to explore and innovate, and we will provide customers with high-quality and competitive products, with top engineering design and meticulous after-sales service all over the world.

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Make products carefully and answer your questions at any time

Quality Products

High-quality products, complete quality management system, successfully exported to many countries and regions

Our products have been successfully exported to the United States, Europe, Africa and South Korea and other domestic and foreign markets. Facts have proved that our quality and quotations are very reliable and competitive in the international market.



We will develop solutions according to your needs.


OEM service

Among all these products, 80 percent are exported to the international market, while 20 percent are supplied to the OEM factories in the domestic market under our own brand Longway.

Company advantage

Email: luping@hzroadage.com

Add: Xishan Industrial Area, Renhe, Yuhang District, Hangzhou,China, 310006

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Hotline:: +86-571-86575535

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