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Semi Truck/Trailer Air Brake Chamber For Sale - Longway Machinery

Longway Machinery is a company specializing in the production of Semi Truck/Trailer Air Brake Chamber For Sale manufacturers, we provide OEM service and products with many styles and low prices. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad. Welcome new and old customers to contact us to discuss cooperation.

Brake Chambers-European Type



Brake chambers are different in different parts of the world. The European type brake chamber is found on most cars made in Europe. It has a larger chamber that is rectangular in shape and is positioned near the front of the car. This type of brake chamber allows for a better distribution of braking pressure across the disc.


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The benifits of Brake Chamber-European Type


The brake chamber is made of high-quality materials and with a precision finish, making it durable and reliable

The brake chamber is designed for easy installation and with a compact size, making it convenient to use

The brake chamber has a stable performance and a long service life, making it a wise choice for your braking needs

The brake chamber is manufactured according to the latest technology and safety standards, ensuring that you get the best product possible

The brake chamber is ideal for use in a variety of applications, making it a versatile tool for your needs


Brake Chamber


Brake chamber is a device composed of air inlet, cover, diaphragm, support plate, return spring, shell, push rod, connecting fork, clamp and bolt, etc. It is also called sub-cylinder.



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The function of the Brake Chamber is to convert the pressure of the compressed air into the mechanical force that makes the brake camshaft rotate to realize the braking action. Brake Chamber is a clamp clamp diaphragm type. The front and rear Brake Chambers are different in size, but their structure is basically the same.


When the car is braking, air enters the Brake Chamber from the air inlet, deforms the diaphragm under the action of air pressure, pushes the push rod, and drives the brake adjustment arm, rotates the brake cam, and presses the brake shoe friction lining towards The brake drum is braked.


The braking force of the diaphragm type air chamber push rod is proportional to the input air pressure; the parking brake sub-chamber is a braking device that uses spring energy storage and deflation. The inflation pressure enters the pressure chamber from port 12 to generate a force acting on the piston.


When the pressure is greater than 0.65MPa, the force acting on the piston is greater than the preload force of the spring, and the piston moves up to the limit, and the brake is released; When the air is completely vented, the spring pushes the piston down and pushes the main brake push rod to produce braking. The braking strength is related to the spring preload. When the air pressure in the pressure chamber is lower than 0.65MPa, the braking force generated by the sub-chamber is inversely proportional to the air pressure value. , So you can implement emergency braking.


Tips of semi brakes Chamber

Safe semi brakes also depend on well-maintained semi-trailer wheels. Performing regular wheel inspections will help prevent problems from arising. Clean wheels and examine exposed areas for damage such as:


Take time to do a visual check on the inner dual wheel while the outer wheel is removed. Be especially careful to check areas where common cracks are found, such as between bolt holes.


It is also important to visually inspect semi-trailer brake chambers for noticeable problems. Look for damage to the chamber or bent pushrods. Loose or missing parts such as clamp bands, caging bolts, or dust plugs can allow contaminants like water or dirt to enter the chamber and result in erosion on the power spring.



When replacing chambers, stick with ones that match what you are replacing. In the short-term, a chamber with a different pushrod length than the OEM specification may not cause problems, but in the long-term, it can cause brake issues.


Brake Chamber, manufacturers, China, suppliers, factory, wholesale


How to Replace Brake Chamber

Step 1 - Prepare

The first thing that you will need to do is prepare your work area. Make sure that the vehicle is on a level surface, and place wheel chocks underneath the wheels. Then, find a spot underneath the damaged brake chamber.


Step 2 - Remove Brake Chamber

Take the chamber caging tool (T-tool) off with a 3/4-inch wrench; from there, you can take the plug off from behind the chamber itself. You will need to push in the caging tool as far as it will go behind the brake chamber. Then, turn it clockwise until you feel it lock. You will do this until the tool cannot be pulled out. Tighten the nut of the caging tool with your wrench.


There will be cotter pins that need to be removed from the clevis pins next. From there, you will need to get the slack adjuster released. Also, detach all of the air lines as well as the fittings with your wrench.


Once this is done, there are two mounting nuts that need to be removed from the brake chamber in order to take it out and set it aside.


Step 3 - Prepare Rod Disposal

Now, the nut in the caging tool can be unscrewed and the jam nut removed from the chamber rod with a pair of channel locks. Take the clevis off the chamber rod at this time as well. This will allow you to measure the base of the brake chamber to this rod. Write down the results for later reference.


Step 4 - Trim new Chamber Rod

Secure the new chamber into a table vise, and extend the chamber rod, measuring it out to match your previous length. Mark on the rod where you need to cut with a soapstone. Then, trim off the excess with a hacksaw. Some work with a metal file should smooth out any rough edges left behind. Rethread the clevis afterwards until it is visible on both ends.


Step 5 - Reinstall Cage Tool

Reposition under vehicle with the new chamber. The caging tool needs to be placed behind the brake chamber, so start by turning the caging tool again until it locks. If it does not pull out, it is in right. Then, put the nut back in and tighten it completely.


Step 6 - Place Brake Chamber In

Position brake chamber with the holes against mounting bracket so you can tighten the mounting nuts to the stud. Reconnect the air lines to the chamber, and put the clevis pins and cotter pins back in place. Read manufacturers’ instructions afterwards if you need help with brake adjustment, or consult a mechanic.


China Brake Chamber Manufacturers

Longway Machinery is a company specializing in the production of Brake Chamber manufacturers, OEM, many styles and low prices. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad. Welcome new and old customers to contact us to discuss cooperation, thank you.

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