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Classification of Brake Shoes And When And How To Replace Them

date 2022-06-23

At present, many vehicles still use the brake system of front disc and rear drum. The drum brake shoe uses the static brake pads in the brake drum to friction the brake drum rotating with the wheels, resulting in friction to reduce the rotation speed of the wheels.

The brake shoes are consumables. During the use of the vehicle, it is inevitable that they will be worn out due to braking, which will affect the braking effect.So how are the brake shoes classified? When and how to replace the brake shoes? Through the introduction of this article, I believe you can learn these.

Brake Shoes

Classification of Brake Shoes

Brake Shoes are classified into four categories: resin-based brake materials; powder metallurgy brake materials; carbon/carbon composite brake materials; ceramic-based brake materials. brake shoes are wearing parts, and the replacement cycle of the brake shoes is determined according to the driving habits of the car owner; the brake shoes of the vehicle need to be replaced if the thickness of the brake shoes is worn to 1/3 of the original. 

Classification of Brake Shoes

How To Judge Whether The Brake Pads Should Be Replaced?

1. By checking the brake pad thickness. The principle of automobile braking is through the friction between the brake pad and the brake disc. If the thickness of the brake pad is less than 5mm, it should be replaced in time.


2. By feeling. For people who have been driving for a long time, when driving the car, they can obviously feel that the braking system has become sluggish and the braking force has decreased. It is also necessary to replace the brake pads in time.


3. Number of kilometers travelled. If a novice cannot judge whether the brake pads should be replaced by feeling, he can also replace them by the number of kilometers he has traveled. Generally, the brake pads should be replaced when the car has traveled 30000 to 40000 kilometers.


4. By time. If the car has been used for two years, the brake pads should also be replaced in time.


5. The sound of braking. If you hear the friction sound between metals when you step on the brake, be sure to check the brake disc and brake pad. In addition to replacing the brake pad, if the brake disc is damaged, you should also replace it together.


How To Replace The Brake Shoes

When you find your brake shoes is need to be replaced, you should know How To Replace The Brake Shoes

1. Before replacing the brake shoes, you should open the cover of the brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment and check the height of the brake fluid page. If the brake fluid page is above the maximum limit, you should suck out some brake fluid to prevent Brake fluid overflows during replacement;


2. Prepare the brake shoe to be replaced, and remove the wheel where the brake is located. Avoid scratching the rim during dismantling;


3. Use a wrench combined with the sleeve to remove the bolt of the brake caliper, and then remove the brake shoe (if there is a brake sensor line, remove the brake sensor line first). Observe whether the brake shoes are excessively worn or cracked, and if so, replace them in the next step;


4. Since the brake caliper will have a lot of sand or mud, it should be cleaned with a rag, and then applied with silencer paste to prevent abnormal noise when braking;


5. Use the piston pressure pump to press the piston to the position where it cannot be pressed, and then install the brake shoe on the brake caliper. After installing the new brake shoe in place (the brake sensor line should also be installed), tighten the guide bolts, installed;


6. After the installation is complete, cover the lid of the fluid tank, step on the brake pedal a few times in the car, and reset the brake. Then observe the brake fluid height, it should be within the appropriate height range;


7. After the replacement, conduct a test drive to check whether the braking effect is reflected.


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