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What is 12x2 trailer brake shoes

date 2022-06-22

Brakes Shoes are one of the most important and costly components in your vehicle. They act as an emergency brake, slowing or stopping your car when you need to. They also help you steer by applying tension on the wheels. This is why you need a strong and reliable mechanism that can handle all conditions, even if that means operating at high temperatures.

Trailer brakes Shoes are mechanisms installed on trailer axles that slow or stop a towed trailer by acting on its wheels. If you own a car with a trailer connection kit, it’s most likely that it’s equipped with 12x2 trailer brake shoes (also known as ‘tandem axle’). These shoes allow two trailers to be connected on one axle so they can share the weight of the load being pulled by both trailers at once.

How To Replace Trailer Brake Shoes


Trailer Brake Shoes

The 12x2 trailer brake shoes are not the same as regular car brakes. They are designed to handle more weight and can withstand much higher temperatures. Additionally, they come with a corrosion-resistant zinc-alloy construction. The 12x2 trailer brake shoes are installed in pairs, each shoe having its own release lever. The shoes act on the axle by easing off it when one of the two trailers starts to move forward so that the load is shared between both trailers evenly. A blog post about how 12x2 trailer brake shoes work


How To Replace Trailer Brake Shoes

Replacing the 12x2 trailer brake shoes is a straightforward process that can be done with your vehicle parked on a flat, level surface. First, you need to locate the brake shoe mounting bolts. These bolts are likely located in the wheel housing of your car’s differential assembly. Next, remove the old shoes by turning them counterclockwise (with a wrench) to loosen them from their mounts. Once they are removed, install new ones in their place by first aligning them with the mounts and then turning them clockwise to tighten in place.


12X2 Trailer Brake Shoes

12x2 trailer brake shoes are an important component of a trailer that, when in use, can be found on the front axle of your vehicle’s trailer connection kit. They're designed to take up any slack between the two axles to help stabilize the load. This is also useful for changing lanes when you need to, since it allows your car to have better control over its steering.

12X2 Trailer Brake Shoes

These shoes help prevent the tension from being released and causing issues with your steering, which would otherwise result in having a hard time turning or stopping. These shoes provide stability for any off-road trailers that might be in tow and helps control the weight of your load so you don't have any trouble maintaining control.


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