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When And How To Replace Emergency Brake Shoes On Ford F150

date 2022-06-24

When Should Brake Shoes Be Replaced

The wear degree and service life of the front and rear brake shoes are different in many cases. Under normal driving conditions, the front brake shoes will be subjected to relatively large braking force, and the wear degree will be greater, and the service life will be shorter. Generally, they need to be replaced after about 30000-50000 km; After that, the brake shoes bear less braking force and can be used longer. Generally, they need to be replaced after 60000-100000 km.

When Should Brake Shoes Be Replaced

During replacement, the coaxial ones must be replaced together, so that the braking force on both sides is uniform. If the front and rear brake shoes are worn to a certain extent, they can also be replaced together.


The price of brake shoes varies according to different models, materials and brands. Better ones are more expensive. Replacing the brake shoes requires removing the tires, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming. It is recommended that you go to the store to replace them. Of course, you need to pay a certain fee


Generally, hourly fees will be charged, including replacement of brake shoes and filling of brake oil. After replacing the brake shoe, it needs to be run in, about 200 km. Only after the running in period can the best braking effect be achieved.

Ford F150 Brake Shoes

Ford F150 Brake Shoes

Ford brand. Ford brand is an automobile company from the United States. The full name of the company is Ford Motor Company of the United States. Its subsidiaries include Ford brand and Lincoln brand. Ford is the abbreviation of Ford Motor. The pickup truck under the brand is Ford F150, Ranger. The model adopts a 3.5-liter dual turbocharged six cylinder engine and is matched with a ten speed manual automatic transmission. Ford F150 is a pickup truck. Its body length is 5910mm, its width is 2083mm, its height is 1954mm, and its wheelbase is 3685mm. Its body structure is a 4-door, 5-seat model. Its fuel tank capacity is 136 liters. The prepared mass of the motor vehicle body is 2524kg, 2619kg, 2683kg. Its body warranty is three years or 100000 km.

Brake shoe for Ford F150 is very important. You must be able to stop at a critical moment. Braking system is very important in automobile safety system. If there is a problem with the brake system, the consequences will be very serious. The brake pad is the key component of the brake system. After using for a period of time, some problems will appear on the brake pads, affecting the braking effect.

How To Replace Emergency Brake Shoes On Ford F150

How To Replace Emergency Brake Shoes On Ford F150

Brake shoe, which is one of the key safety parts in the automobile braking system, refers to the accessories pushed outward by the action of the brake cam or push rod to suppress the brake drum for braking. It is installed on the brake drum.

Replacement method of Ford F150 brake shoe:

1. Before replacing the brake shoe, open the cover of the brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment to see the height of the brake fluid page. If the brake fluid page is above the maximum limit, the brake fluid should be sucked out to prevent the brake fluid from overflowing during the replacement process;

2. Prepare the brake shoe to be replaced and remove the wheel on which the brake is located. Avoid rim scratching during disassembly;

3. Remove the bolts of the brake caliper with a wrench and a socket, and then remove the brake skin (if there is a brake sensing line, remove the brake sensing line first). Observe whether the brake shoe is excessively worn or cracked. If yes, replace it in the next step;

4. Since there will be a lot of sand or soil in the brake caliper, it is necessary to clean it with a rag, and then apply silencing paste to prevent abnormal noise during braking;

5. Use the piston pressure pump to press the piston to the position where it cannot be pressed, and then install the brake shoe on the brake caliper. After the new brake shoe is installed in place (it should also be installed if there is a brake induction line), tighten the guide bolt and complete the installation;

6. After installation, cover the reservoir, step on the brake pedal and reset the brake. Then observe the brake fluid height within the appropriate height range;

7. Test run after replacement to check whether the braking effect is reflected.


Through the introduction of the above article, I believe you must know when to replace brake shoes and how to replace F150 brake shoes? If you want to know more about brake shoes,or you want to wholesale Emergency Brake Shoes, contact us.


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