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Tutorial on replacing the drum brake shoes

date 2022-06-23

At present, many vehicles still use the brake system of front disc and rear drum. The drum brake uses the static brake shoes in the brake drum to friction the brake drum rotating with the wheels, resulting in friction to reduce the rotation speed of the wheels.

The brake shoes are consumables. During the use of the vehicle, it is inevitable that they will be worn out due to braking, which will affect the braking effect. At this time, they need to be replaced in time, How often do you change the drum brake shoes?

semi truck brake shoe replacement

The diameter of the brake drum of the drum brake device is smaller than that of the front disc brake. The drum brake has good self braking effect, and the manufacturing cost is lower than that of the disc brake. Generally speaking, the service life of the drum brake shoe is longer than that of the front disc brake, which is about 60000-100000 km, that is to say, the car needs to be inspected and replaced after driving about 60000 km. We will use a jack to replace the drum brake shoe because the tire needs to be removed. The specific tutorial for replacing the semi truck brake shoe is as follows:


Replacing The Semi Truck Brake Shoe

1. Remove the rear brake drum

Remove the tire to see the brake drum. Tap the surface of the brake drum with a hammer to loosen the drum and take it down.

2. Remove the return spring

Insert the opening into the gap of the spring and lift it up with force to remove the return spring. If you want to replace the brake shoe, this spring must be removed.

3. Remove the fixing screw

Remove the screw fixing the brake shoe with pliers. There are two front and rear brake shoes and two fixing screws on a wheel.

4. Remove the front and rear brake shoes

After the above steps are completed, the brake shoe will automatically fall off the brake. At this time, just remove the brake shoe.

5. Install new brake shoes

Remove the locating pin from the old brake shoe and install it on the new brake shoe. After the two sides are assembled, it can be installed on the brake, or the front and rear brake shoes can be installed separately in sequence.

6. Adjust the hand brake height

After the brake shoes are installed, it is necessary to adjust the height of the hand brake. Pulling the ratchet wheel of the self-adjusting device outward from the opening can make the hand brake lower, and pull up the hand brake for better braking effect, but it can not be adjusted too tight. When installing a new brake drum for debugging, you can feel the resistance.

7. Install the brake drum

After the brake shoes are installed and checked, a new brake drum can be installed, and then the tire can be installed to complete the whole operation.


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