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Difference Between Brake Discs And Brake Pads

date 2022-06-23

In our daily driving life, we often use the brake, and the brake relies on the friction between the brake disc and the brake pad to reduce the speed and brake. Many friends confuse them and don't know the difference between brake discs and brake pads.

difference between brake discs and brake pads

Brake Disc And Brake Pad

During driving, the car will rotate with the tire. The brake caliper clamps the brake disc, which will generate braking force and play the role of deceleration or parking.

The brake pad, also known as the brake skin, is installed in the brake caliper. When the brake is pressed, it will be squeezed onto the brake disc or brake drum to generate friction, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration and braking.

The brake disc, as its name implies, is a disc-shaped disc made of metal with many air holes. The brake disc has good braking effect and is easier to maintain than the drum brake. The brake pads are made of ceramic, metal and carbon fiber. In the automobile braking system, the brake pads are the most critical safety parts. The braking effect is determined by the brake pads. The brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, adhesive insulation layers and friction blocks.


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Do you want to replace the brake pads and discs together

Generally, the brake pad and brake disc do not need to be replaced together. The replacement cycle of the brake disc is longer than that of the brake pad. Under normal driving conditions, the brake pad needs to be replaced every 30000-50000 km and the rear brake pad needs to be replaced every 60000-80000 km. The front brake disc needs to be replaced every 60000-80000 km, and the rear brake disc needs to be replaced only about 100000 km. In other words, it is necessary to replace the brake disc only after replacing the brake pad twice. It is best to develop the habit of regular inspection and timely maintenance.


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