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How long does the China brake shoe need to be replaced

date 2021-12-07

About Chinese brake shoe:


How long does the China brake shoe need to be replaced?

There is no fixed argument for replacing China brake shoe. It depends on driving conditions and driving habits. These habits will affect the use of China brake shoe. If you can master it well, you will find that in many cases there is no need to apply the brakes. A pair of brake pads are used well and can reach 100,000 kilometers.

China brake shoe

Then, under what circumstances need to replace the brake pads, you can pass the following periodic inspections, and replace them immediately if the conditions are met.

1. Check the thickness of China brake shoe

Check whether the brake pads are thin. You can use a small flashlight for observation and inspection. When the inspection finds that the black friction material of the brake pad is about to wear and the thickness is less than 5mm, it should be considered for replacement.

2. Check the brake sound of China brake shoe

If you hear harsh metal squeals on the brakes during daily driving, you must pay attention at this time. This is because the alarm iron plate on the brake pad has begun to wear the brake disc, so there is such a sharp metal sound.

3. Braking force

When driving on the road and stepping on the brakes, if you feel very strenuous, there is always a soft feeling. It is often necessary to press the brake deeper to achieve the previous braking effect. When using emergency braking, you will obviously feel that the pedal position is low. It may be that the brake pads have basically lost friction and must be replaced at this time, otherwise it will cause a serious accident.

In addition, the reduction in braking effect will also lead to an increase in brake fluid consumption. Therefore, when replacing the brake pads, please check the condition of the brake fluid.

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