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What is the role of China slack adjuster

date 2021-12-07

About China slack adjuster:


What is the role of China slack adjuster?

China slack adjuster can prevent the battery from being damaged due to high voltage.

The basic definition of China slack adjuster: governor, controller, is an instrument that can change certain parameters and needs in a certain environment through various methods and methods.

China slack adjuster

Programmable regulator is a kind of regulator. Programmable regulators are also called digital regulators or single-loop regulators. It is a new type of voltage regulator with a microprocessor as the core component. Its various functions can be realized by changing the program

China slack adjuster is a device to adjust voltage. One is to prevent the battery from being damaged due to excessive voltage, and cut off the line between the battery and the battery when the generator voltage is too low. The above is a DC generator. If it is an alternator, it only has a voltage stabilizing function.

The adjustment method of China slack adjuster:

Connect the dry battery in series with the battery and the ammeter, and connect it to the battery terminal of the regulator. Start the engine and gradually increase the speed. When the circuit breaker contacts are closed, observe the ammeter pointer on the delayed engine.

If the ammeter pointer swings in the "+" direction, it means the closing voltage is too high and the spring tension should be weakened; if the ammeter pointer swings in the "-" direction, it means the closing voltage is low, and the spring tension should be increased. Just repeat the adjustment in this way until the pointer of the ammeter does not oscillate when the cut-off contact is closed, indicating that the closing voltage is appropriate.

How does China slack adjuster work?

The regulating valve is generally equipped with an electric valve positioned, input 4~current, the corresponding air pressure is converted into a valve actuator through the positioned, so that the valve can be opened to different positions. The regulator outputs 4~ to the positioned to achieve the purpose of controlling the valve. The regulator itself can also accept parameters of different working conditions, such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level and other parameter signals, forming a closed loop adjustment. According to the parameter change and the comparison of the set value, determine the output current to the control valve to achieve the purpose of automatic adjustment.

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