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Are Chinese brake shoes good

date 2021-12-07

About Chinese brake shoe:


Are Chinese brake shoes good?

Common brake pads for Chinese brake shoes are semimetal brake pads, non-asbestos organic brake pads, ceramic brake pads

Chinese brake shoes are usually made of a small amount of metal, plant fiber, carbon or even Kevlar mixed resin. 

The organic brake pads of Chinese brake shoes are usually the most economical choice. The brake is stable, the brake disc is not damaged, and the noise is low. However, in daily driving, they wear out faster than other types of brake pads and are prone to dust. In addition, since they are softer, they may not affect the braking performance response. It is so good and has poor heat resistance, so it is not a good choice.

Chinese brake shoe

The semimetal brake pads of Chinese brake shoes are brake pads made of metal fiber as the main reinforcing material. Semimetal brake pads have the strongest braking ability. Among the three types of brake pads, they have the widest operating temperature. But like organic brake pads, they generate more brake dust and are the loudest brake sound. The damage to the brake disc is also relatively large. But they are very suitable for heavy vehicles.

The ceramic brake pads of Chinese brake shoes are mainly composed of reinforcing fibers, non-ferrous metal fillers, adhesives and a small amount of metal. Reinforcing fibers include mineral fibers, aramid fibers and functional ceramic materials represented by potassium titan ate whiskers. They have the longest service life, quiet and stable braking performance, provide stronger performance than organic non-asbestos brake pads, but will not generate a lot of brake dust, because they are ceramic, heat dissipation is better than other brake pads. The brake pads still have to be selected according to their driving conditions and driving habits.

Where to buy Chinese brake shoes?

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