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ceramic car durable low wear brake shoe ceramic car durable low wear brake shoe
ceramic car durable low wear brake shoe

ceramic car durable low wear brake shoe

Brake Shoe & Repair Kit-America Type

Type:China brake shoe



Main Market:Eastern Europe


Certification:ISO/TS16949, ISO13485, ISO14001, BSCI, IATF-16949, ISO9001, ISO9002, AMECA, DOT, ECE, FSC, HACCP, GSV, GMP

Rear Brake Shoes for Volvo Vnl 670 And 2009 Chevy Silverado

  • Name: China brake shoe

    Environment Friendly: Dust Free, Non-Asbestos Organic

    Company Type: Manufacturer

    MOQ of China brake shoe: 100sets Per Model

    Color: Black, as Customers Like

    Sample of China brake shoe: Free

    Quality: Meet or Exceed OE Manufacturer Specifications


    When you press the parking brake Shoes in your Volvo Vnl 670, the parking brake cable pulls an expander forcing the parking brake shoes to the clamp on the inside of the rear rotor hats, locking the rear wheels in place and preventing your Volvo Vnl 670 from unintentionally moving. Often replaced due to age and not from wear, the parking brake shoes are on your Volvo Vnl 670 are a smaller version of a traditional brake shoes used on vehicles with drum brakes. The parking brake shoes are not used to stop your vehicle, they typically don’t wear out unless the friction material dry rots due to age or if you forget to release the parking brake before attempting to drive. 

    Volvo Trucks has completed its transition from production of the legacy VNL 670 model to full production of the new VNL 760. Defined by efficiency, productivity, safety, and uptime innovations for today’s long-haul operations, the VNL 760 features an all-new 70-inch sleeper.


    If you want to know how to replace brake Shoes in Volvo Vnl 670, you can learn from this article.


    Volvo Vnl 670 Brake Shoes

    Volvo VNL 670 brake shoe replacement tutorial

    Replacement instructions: the Volvo VNL 670 rear brake shoe replacement wheel is equipped with an electronic parking brake motor. Only a special computer can be used to recover the brake wheel cylinder, and then the brake pad can be replaced with a removal tool. The front wheels can be returned directly with tools, so there is no need to set them by computer. Next, take the next round as an example.

    ① To connect the vehicle, use the trip computer. Click the option "open the rear wheel brake cylinder" in the brake pad replacement setting interface. After about 5 seconds, the slave cylinder will be disengaged successfully, indicating that the brake motor has been retracted.

    (Note: remember to open the brake oil cover. Because the slave cylinder is retracted, the brake oil will return.)

    ② Remove the two screws at the brake caliper first. If the wheel cylinder is not fully retracted, you can pry it open with a slotted screwdriver.

    ③ Then lift the brake caliper cover and install new brake pads. The side with text label is on the outside, and the side without production text label is on the inside.

    ④ After installation, select "turn off the rear wheel brake cylinder" on the computer interface, and the brake motor will reset after a few seconds.

  • Advantage of China brake shoe:

    The brake shoe is a part of the brake system that helps to reduce friction between the brake drum and the tire. Brake shoes can also help to prevent the rotor from becoming worn down too quickly.

    1. Better wear resistance effect, 5% higher coefficient than regular brake shoes.

    2. Cost-effective and durable, 8% longer life than normal products.

    3. Comfortable hardness, no hurting the brake drum.

    4. 10-15% stronger than regular brake products.                 

    5. Less noise and lower dust, making brake drum more cleaner and better finishing.

    6. Passed bending test, less than 5% baring area on the steel back plate area.


    Products Performance And Advantage of China brake shoe:

    China brake shoes regular materials including non-asbestos, semi-metal, NAO formula, new developed have green, red, Khaki and black particle material.


    For more YouTube information about China brake shoe, please click here.

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