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What is the working principle of the brake chamber

date 2021-09-17

The working principle of the brake chamber:

The housing and cover of the brake chamber are made of steel stamping, and are connected by clamps and bolts to form the entire shell. A cloth rubber diaphragm is installed between them. The diaphragm separates the entire shell into two mutually. Completely isolated brake chamber. The brake chamber between the diaphragm and the cover is connected to a double-chamber brake valve, and the brake chamber between the diaphragm and the housing is always open to the atmosphere. When in the free state, the diaphragm is in close contact with the cover, and the other side is in contact with the disc on the push rod. A return spring is installed between the disc and the inner end surface of the housing, and the other end of the push rod is equipped with a connecting fork. To connect the brake adjusting arm. The entire brake chamber is bolted to a special bracket.

What is the working principle of the brake chamber

When the car is released from braking, the compressed air in the brake chamber is discharged into the atmosphere through the dual-chamber brake valve or quick release valve, and the diaphragm and push rod return to their original state under the action of the return spring.

When the car is braking, air enters the brake chamber from the air inlet, deforms the diaphragm under the action of air pressure, pushes the push rod, and drives the brake adjustment arm, rotates the brake cam, and rubs the brake shoe The pad is pressed against the brake drum and brakes are generated.

How to Troubleshoot Common Brake Chamber Problems

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