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What are the main types of brake chambers

date 2021-06-07

  What are the main types of brake chambers?

What are the main types of brake chambers

  The role of the brake chamber:

  It converts air pressure energy into mechanical energy output, and the output mechanical energy is transmitted to actuation devices such as brake cams to make the brake generate braking torque.

  There are three types of brake air chambers: diaphragm type, piston type and compound type.

  1) Diaphragm brake air chamber

  The two chambers of the diaphragm brake air chamber are separated by a diaphragm, and the connecting fork is connected with the brake adjusting arm.

  2) Piston type brake air chamber

  The piston brake chamber has a larger push rod stroke, and its piston has a longer working life than the diaphragm. However, the entire chamber has a more complicated structure and a higher cost. It is often used in heavy trucks.

  3) Compound brake air chamber

  The characteristics of the composite brake chamber are: the brake chamber is composed of two parts, the service brake chamber and the parking brake chamber, and it also plays the role of service brake and parking brake.

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