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What is a Brake chamber

date 2021-11-25

About Brake chamber:

What is a brake chamber? What kind of function does it have?

The Brake chamber itself is composed of an air inlet car plate or a grinding plate, as well as a support plate and various bolts. As a unique part, the brake chamber will have a variety of different processing methods in the process of processing. In fact, many people are not particularly clear about this product.

What is a brake chamber

1. Brake chamber product introduction

In the actual machining process, the biggest role of the brake chamber is to convert all the compressed air pressure into the mechanical force of the entire shaft wheel rotation during the machining process, so that a good braking effect can be achieved in a short period of time. In the process of product processing, all brake products can be turned into clamps to make fascias, and then processed into air chambers of various sizes. Their basic structure is unique.

2. Brake chamber product features

Brake chamber will have a variety of different functions while processing. Generally speaking, when we select these products, if we want to process, we must enter the brake air of the entire car from the air intake to all the brakes. Under the action of air pressure, the entire diaphragm will deform to a certain extent, and then the push rod can be continuously pushed, and then the equipment can be adjusted. The rotating brake cam can turn the braking friction plate toward the brake. Braking gradually occurs at the moving drum. When the brake chamber is processed, the braking force and the income air pressure will be proportional in a short time. The inflation pressure is entered through a dozen different ports, and all the effects are on the piston.

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