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What do the numbers on the China brake chamber mean

date 2021-12-07

About China brake chamber:


What do the numbers in China brake chamber mean?

It refers to the diaphragm area of the China brake chamber. The number in the front refers to the diaphragm in the drive chamber, and the number in the back refers to the area of the diaphragm in the parking chamber. The unit is square inches.

China brake chamber

A passenger car braked with air brakes has four brake chambers, and each brake chamber is connected to one thing by a pipe.

The China brake chamber is composed of an air compressor, an air storage tank, a master brake cylinder and the sub-cylinders of each wheel. The air pipe is connected to the automobile pneumatic braking system. The working principle is that the compressor compresses the air and stores it in the air tank through the one-way valve. The air tank is connected to the brake master cylinder. The brake master cylinder is a complex air valve, which is connected to the air chambers of each sub-cylinder. The brake air pressure can be controlled according to different needs.

The inside of the air chamber is very simple. It is a cup that divides the air chamber into two impervious spaces, a closed main pump, and a push rod connected to the atmosphere. The push rod is connected with the brake arm, and is controlled by the return spring at the end of the closed air chamber when it is not braking. When the enclosed space is filled with compressed air, the cup overcomes the pressure of the push rod return spring and drives the brake arm through the push rod.

The spring brake chamber is part of the China brake chamber. It is generally installed on the drive axle of a car, and its role is to provide a braking torque for the car.

The combined spring brake air chamber is used to provide braking driving force for the wheel brakes. It consists of two parts: diaphragm cavity, used for service brake; spring cavity, used for auxiliary brake and parking brake. Among them, the feature of the spring cavity is that it has an over-travel function and is equipped with a mechanical release brake device.

The function of the China brake chamber is to convert the pressure of compressed air into mechanical force that rotates the brake camshaft to achieve braking action. The brake chamber is a clamp diaphragm type. The front and rear brake chambers are of different sizes, but the structure is basically the same.

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