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How to replace the brake chamber

date 2021-09-10

How to replace the brake chamber?

The brake chamber is part of the automotive brake system. The brake chamber is generally installed on the drive bridge of the car, and the effect is to provide a braking moment for the car. As a professional production of brake chamber, our company is a leading brake chamber manufacturer & factory that focuses on automatic slack adjuster OEM. The replacement and maintenance of the brake chamber is a necessary class as a waiter.

How to replace the brake chamber

Due to transportation, transfer, and brake chamber itself causes leakage, the vehicle has become part of the service work in the automotive factory service.

There are main steps in replacing the brake chamber:

Before replacing the brake chamber, you need to prepare a tiger pliers, 22 ~ 24 flat wrench and plum wrench, 17 ~ 19 wrenches, a hammer, a thread fastening glue. The tool is ready and can begin to replace the brake chamber.

1. First check if the air pressure of the vehicle is sufficient, and the air pressure is released, and the hand brake is released, and the 22-24 flat wrench is screwed out.

2, use the tiger pliers to pull the fastening chamber with the opening of the arms circular pin, remove the open pin and gasket.

3, pull the handbrake, send the air chamber joint with a 22-24 flat wrench and mounted the air chamber connector on the new gas chamber, remember the upper thread fastening glue to avoid leakage.

4. The two bolts of the fastening gas chamber and the air chamber bracket are taken by the 22 to 24 plum wrenches. Because the bolt is tight, it is generally necessary to assist in assisting.

5. Take the fault chamber, the new-made air chamber is pressed, and the two bolts of the connecting bracket are fastened with 22 ~ 24 plum wrenches, and adjust to the appropriate part with the flat wrench by 17 ~ 19, and open the cylindrical pin, open the opening install.

Where to buy brake chamber?

Longway Machinery is a leading brake chamber manufacturer & factory that focuses on automatic slack adjuster OEM. We combine innovation, hard work and attention to customer needs to provide the perfect combination of new products.

We focus on developing new products with a variety of product lines and preferential prices. 

Welcome to choose Longway Machinery - a leading brake chamber manufacturer & factory that focuses on automatic slack adjuster OEM.

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