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How To Replace Car Brake Shoes|Car Brake Shoes Installation

date 2022-06-09

The importance of the braking system to the car must be well understood by drivers and friends. According to the survey, many traffic accidents every year are caused by brake failure, so the maintenance of automobile brake shoes is very important. When do brake shoes need to be replaced? How to replace brake shoes?

brake shoes replaced

Brake shoes are generally composed of two parts: iron lining plate and friction material. Be sure not to wait for the friction material to wear out before replacing the shoes. Some vehicles have a brake shoe alarm function. Once the wear limit is reached, the meter will alarm to prompt to replace the shoe. The shoe that has reached the limit of use must be replaced. Even if it can still be used for a period of time, it will reduce the effect of braking and affect the safety of driving.


What need to pay attention to when replacing brake shoes?

1.When replacing, the heavy-duty truck brake shoes provided by the original spare parts should be replaced. Only in this way can the braking effect between the brake shoes and the brake disc be the best, and the wear and tear is the most correct.

attention when replacing brake shoes

2.When replacing the brake shoes, the brake cylinder must be pushed back with a special tool. Do not use other crowbars to press back hard, which will easily bend the guide screws of the brake caliper and cause the brake shoes to be stuck.


3.After the replacement, be sure to step on the brakes a few times to eliminate the gap between the shoe and the brake disc, causing the first foot to fail to brake, which is prone to accidents. After the brake shoes is replaced, it needs to be run in for 200 kilometers to achieve the best braking effect. The newly replaced shoe must be driven carefully.


When do brake shoes need to be replaced?

The brake shoes consist of two parts: a metal base plate and a friction pad. When braking, the friction pads come into contact with the brake disc to generate friction, which acts as a brake.

1. Obviously, the friction plate will become thinner and thinner. The friction pad part of the new brake shoes is generally 10 mm. When there are 5 mm left, it is time to consider replacing the brake shoes. 2mm left is quite dangerous and the brake shoes must be replaced immediately.


2. Some brake shoes will hide a metal needle in the friction pad. After the friction pad is worn to a certain extent, the metal needle will contact the brake disc, and a sharp abnormal sound will be produced when braking, reminding you to replace the brake shoe.

Car Brake Shoes Replace Method

3. If the friction plate is completely exhausted, the metal base plate will be in direct contact with the brake disc, which will not only fail to brake, but also wear out the brake disc. At that time, you have to replace the brake disc together, which will cost thousands of dollars. You can clearly see the condition of the brake shoes when the tire is removed. brake shoes are consumables and will gradually wear out during use. When they are worn to the limit, they must be replaced. Otherwise, the braking effect will be reduced, and even safety accidents will be caused.


4. In general, the front brake shoe wears out relatively quickly, and the rear brake shoe lasts for a relatively long time.


In daily maintenance, it should be noted that: under normal driving conditions, check the brake shoes every 5,000 kilometers, not only to check the remaining thickness, but also to check the wear state of the shoes, whether the degree of wear on both sides is the same, and whether the return If you find any abnormal situation, you must deal with it immediately, and the brake must not wait for the friction material to be worn out before replacing it. Some vehicles have a brake shoe alarm function, once the wear limit is reached, the instrument will alarm to prompt for replacement.


Drum brake brake shoe replacement method:

1. Install the wheel, only 4 screws, flatten the middle screw with the shaft, find a hammer and knock it inward a few times, and pull the wheel out with both hands, and it will come down;


2. It is fixed with the tire and rotates at the same speed. When braking, hydraulic pressure is used to push the brake shoes (Brake Shoes) to contact the inner edge of the brake drum, and the friction generated by the contact is used to restrain the rotation of the tire to achieve the purpose of braking;


3. The drum brake is composed of the brake base plate, brake cylinder, brake shoes and other related connecting rods, springs, pins, and brake drums. Currently only commonly used on the rear wheels. The cost of drum brakes is lower, the absolute braking force is higher, and they are more used in the rear wheels of small cars. However, its wear rate is high, so at the same time the overall cost is high.


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