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Auto brake shoe Auto brake shoe
Auto brake shoe

Auto brake shoe 4707Q

Brake Shoe & Repair Kit-America Type

Type:Brake Shoe



Classification:Air Brake

Drum Brakes Classification:Brake Shoe

Main Market:Eastern Europe

1950 Chevy Semi Truck Brake Shoes And Drums for E46 Handbrake Shoe Replacement

  • Model NO. 4707Q Product Name Brake Shoe with OEM Standard
    Part No 4707Q Color Green/Blue/Black
    Main Market South America, North America, Central America Application Meritor
    Avaliable Packing
    Neatural Packing / Color Box
    Transport Package
    Neutral Packing or Color Box
    HS Code


  •        Product details:

      1-Original No.: 72523C

      2-Body no. 2761, Spline: 1 1/2"-10T, Arm Hole Length: 140

           3-High quality low price prompt delivery


           Main Products from LONGWAY:

           1.Manual and automatic slack adjusters, all types

           2.Air brake chambers, all types

           3.Brake shoes, brake linings and brake shoe hardware kits

           4.S-camshaft and s-camshaft hardware kits

           5.Air brake line and air brake hoses

           6.Air brake valves

           7.Hub caps

           8.Glad hand / Palm coupling

  • The high-quality products of Hangzhou Longway Machinery mainly include Manual & automatic slack adjusters for European, American, Japanese, and South Korean market; Brake s-camshafts and repair kits; Spring brake chambers; Brake shoe assemblies and repair kits; Auto brake shoe; Air brake valves; Quick release valve assemblies; Quick couplings assemblies; High-strength bolts and nuts, holders nylon washer chains, etc, nearly one thousand sorts and more than a dozen of series.Longway Machinery is one of the leading Brake chamber, Automatic slack adjuster OEM, Suppliers.


    Auto brake shoe


    Mainly apply for: BPW, Volvo, YORK, SCANIA, TRAILER, ROR SAF, FREHAUF, MERCEDES, MAN, ZF, DAF, RENAUT, RABA, NEOPLAN, TEC, SMB, RVI, BENDIX, MERITOR, SPICER, EATON, UNIVERSAL, WAGNER, HENDRICKSON, DEXTER, MACK, HINO, Nissan, MITSUBISHI, ISUZU and so on. To buy auto brake shoe, look for Longway Machinery, Products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions all over the world. Service tenet:The company will adhere to “Take the good faith as the premise, quality and service as the center, achieve the win-win goal with the cooperator” more attentively to provide customers around the world with products in superior quality and services.


    Auto brake shoe

  •   Q: Are you a trading company or factory?

      A: We are the manufacturer with trading company independent.


        Q: What's the MOQ for each item?

      A: Usually the MOQ is 50pcs for each type. If a color box is requested, the MOQ is 200pcs.


      Q: What about the delivery time?

      A: It's about 30 to 45 days for the goods to need to be manufactured, based on your order.


      Q: Do you give any guarantee to your products?

      A: Basically, the lifetime of the automatic slack can reach 2 years or 200 thousand kilometers under normal use, no over loading and the road condition is good.



    How to Replace BMW E46 330d Rear Brake Discs and Pads

    Step 1

    Crack the nuts on the rear wheels using your 17mm socket. Then get the rear end jacked up safely on stands. Fully remove the wheels once jacked up, which should leave you with this.


    Step 2

    Taking a flat head screw driver, lever off the clip on the brake caliper. It can take a bit of doing, but just persevere, trying not to slip with the screw driver as you could cause unwanted damage to various components.

    I also decided to give my clips a wire brushing whilst they were off, just to clean them up a tad.


    Step 3

    Next take your Torx T40 bit and crack the fixing on the discs to the hub. It shouldn't take much effort, but you might need to hold the disc to stop it moving.


    Step 4

    Working behind the caliper now, prise the two fur tree plastic caps off of the caliper pin sockets. It shouldn't take much effort, you should be able to do it by hand, if not carefully use a flat head screw driver.


    Step 5

    With the caps removed, take the 7mm Allen bit socket and remove the two calliper pins. You might need to tease them out of the rubber surrounds with a screw driver on the thread from the side.

    Once removed the caliper will pull away, if the discs are significantly worn it might take a little bit of force to pull the E46 Handbrake Shoe Replacement, over the lip or build up on the outside of the discs. Rest the caliper safely on something, do not let it hang.

    You might want to clean the caliper up while you have it off too, mine were pretty well caked in brake dust and grime. Make sure to avoid damaging the piston gaiter though!


    Step 6

    With the caliper removed, still working behind the brake set-up, take the 16mm socket and undo the two set screws fixing the carrier to the hub. These will be tight so it will take quite a lot of force.

    16mm socket

    When the set screws are removed the carrier will just come away from the disc. Again, you may wish to clean the carrier up, mine was caked up with crud pretty bad.


    Step 7

    Fully undo the screw holding the disc to the hub, which was cracked earlier with the T40 Torx bit. The E46 Handbrake Shoe Replacement should then pull away. It might be ceased on so could require a bit of persuasion by way of a tap with a rubber hammer.

    As mine were so low I decided to weigh them, to see just what difference 4mm reduction in material makes. Turns out the old discs were 6.1kg and the new ones 7.2kg. So that's over a kilo per disc gone in material.

    At this point, if you want to replace your E46 Handbrake Shoe Replacement,, you can follow my how to replace E46 handbrake shoes guide then come back here once you're done.


    Step 8

    Take your new disc and put it on the hub, replace the Torx head screw and tighten it hand tight for now. Also replace the carrier, making sure the 16mm set screws are very tight.


    Step 9

    Using a G-Clamp, compress the piston in the caliper. Keep an eye on the brake fluid level under the bonnet, don't let it overflow or rise too high. Once compressed, put your new brake pads in. Note, you will have to replace your pad sensor, or swap the old one to the new pads as long as the warning light hasn't illuminated on the dash.


    Step 10


    Refit the caliper and tighten the retaining pins using the 7mm Allen bit socket, replace the fur tree type caps and then finally replace the caliper clip. Also make sure to tighten up the Torx head screw in the disc, ensuring the disc is properly seat

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