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Type 24 30 16 Air Brake Chamber Replacement Part Price - Longway Machinery

Wholesale Type 24 30 16 Air Brake Chamber And its Replacement Parts, choose Longway Machinery, a professional Brake Chamber manufacturer. Our Air Brake Chamber Suitable for different types of semi trailers and trucks. If you need these products, contact us.

Brake Chamber


Brake Chamber is a device composed of air inlet, cover, diaphragm, support plate, return spring, shell, push rod, connecting fork, clamp and bolt, etc. It is also called sub-cylinder.


The function of the Brake Chamber is to convert the pressure of the compressed air into the mechanical force that makes the brake camshaft rotate to realize the braking action. Brake Chamber is a clamp clamp diaphragm type. The front and rear Brake Chambers are different in size, but their structure is basically the same.


Type 30 Brake Chamber


When the car is braking, air enters the Brake Chamber from the air inlet, deforms the diaphragm under the action of air pressure, pushes the push rod, and drives the brake adjustment arm, rotates the brake cam, and presses the brake shoe friction lining towards The brake drum is braked.


The braking force of the diaphragm type air chamber push rod is proportional to the input air pressure; the parking brake sub-chamber is a braking device that uses spring energy storage and deflation. The inflation pressure enters the pressure chamber from port 12 to generate a force acting on the piston. When the pressure is greater than 0.65MPa, the force acting on the piston is greater than the preload force of the spring, and the piston moves up to the limit, and the brake is released; When the air is completely vented, the spring pushes the piston down and pushes the main brake push rod to produce braking. The braking strength is related to the spring preload. When the air pressure in the pressure chamber is lower than 0.65MPa, the braking force generated by the sub-chamber is inversely proportional to the air pressure value. , So you can implement emergency braking.


Action principle of brake chamber

The housing and cover of the brake chamber are stamped from steel plates, and are connected together with clamps and bolts to form the entire shell. Completely isolated air chamber. The air chamber between the diaphragm and the cover is connected to the double-chamber brake valve, and the air chamber between the diaphragm and the housing is usually connected to the atmosphere. In the free state, the diaphragm is in close contact with the cover plate, and the other side is in contact with the disc on the push rod. to connect the brake adjustment arm. The entire brake chamber is bolted to a special bracket.


When the car is released from the brake, the compressed air in the brake air chamber is discharged to the atmosphere through the double-chamber brake valve or the quick release valve, and the diaphragm and push rod return to their original state under the action of the return spring.



When the car brakes, the air enters the brake air chamber from the air inlet, deforms the diaphragm under the action of air pressure, pushes the push rod, and drives the brake adjustment arm, rotates the brake cam, and rubs the brake shoes The disc presses against the brake drum to generate braking.


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What Types of Brake Chambers Are Available?

Brake chambers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to make sure you choose the right one for your vehicle. Today, the two most popular options available are service and spring brake chambers. A service brake chamber comes with a diaphragm, a push rod, and a return spring. A spring brake chamber applies the brakes by means of a large coil spring that that applies force.


To choose which is right for you, you’ll need to determine the brake type and chamber size to the correlating brake adjustment limit. Each brake-chamber style, type, and size have a decided pushrod stroke-adjustment limit that cannot exceed the adjustment limit, so you’ll want to make sure you’re careful when choosing which is right for your truck.


Among different types of Brake Chambers, Type 24 Brake Chamber, Type 30 Brake Chamber,Type 16 Air Brake Chamber is the most common.


Brake Chambers Sizes

Different applications need different types of spring brake sizes. The larger the spring brake chamber, the more pressurized air it can push to apply the brakes. The bigger the application, the more power you need from the brake chamber.


There are several different sizes or “types” of spring brake chambers, and they’re commonly referred to and listed as Type 30/30 brakes or T30/30. The “30” number has to deal with the size of the chamber, and since spring brakes are composed of two different chambers, you have two different sizes in the labels. That’s why you’ll see different types like T20/24 or T30/36 based on the sizes.


The specific sizes for the chambers are based on the square footage of the chamber in which the air is pumped. You can determine which size is which by measuring across the clamp distance.


When to replace the brake chamber

When it becomes damaged or irreparably defective. Damaged pushrod, that’s a reason to replace it. Damaged or corroded housings. There’s another. If the spring goes weak.


That would be a reason to replace it. With the newer ones, since the actual spring brake chamber uses a non-removable clamp, a failure of that diaphragm will warrant replacing it. You’ll be able to tell because you’ll be dumping out air with the brakes released.


If you have the wheels choices with the brake released, you’ll hear the air escaping at the brake chamber and often can feel it if you feel around the brake chamber, particularly where you insert the caging bolt. You could replace the diaphragm with the spring caged, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could harm yourself or others very badly, so they put the non-removable clamp on to make them non-serviceable.



The advantages of The brake chamber-America type


The brake chamber-America type is made with high quality materials that make it durable and long lasting

It is designed to provide superior performance and safety braking for your vehicle

The brake chamber-America type is easy to install and use

It is a cost effective solution for your braking needs

It can help improve the overall braking capacity of your vehicle

The brake chamber-America type is machined from a single piece of billet aluminum to ensure strength and quality.

The brake chamber-America type is anodized for corrosion resistance.

The brake chamber-America type has a leak-proof seal that prevents the escape of brake fluid.

The brake chambers are available in either DOT 3 or DOT 4 specification


China Brake Chamber manufacturers - Longway Machinery

As a professional manufacturer of air brake system components, Hangzhou Longway Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Hangzhou, China, specializing in researching and manufacturing heavy-duty parts for trucks & trailers. Most products are distributed both in domestic and overseas markets, such as America, Europe, Africa, and Korea, etc..

We have wholesale brake chambers suitable for different sizes(Like Type 30 Brake Chamber,Type 24 Brake Chamber,Type 16 Brake Chamber) and different models. If you have a demand for air brake system products, you can leave a message and contact us

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